List of Services

We have a long list of devices we work on....

If there is something you need repaired, that is not in the list of service, please call, and we would love to help if we can!


Standard Diagnosis | $50

Deposit for Data recovery | $200+

Cell phone / Tablet LCD replacement | Half the estimated price before, the rest owed after repair

All fees prior will go toward the final price of repair.

If the customer decides to not proceed, the upfront deposit/fee is non-refundable

Console Repair

HDMI Replacement | $99+ (pricing may change depending on damage and/or device model)

Controller Repair | $50+ (primarily, pricing is dedicated to specialty controllers i.e Scuf/elite/pro)

Standard Diagnosis pricing will serve as the minimum charged, but to be more situational, pricing can fluctuate. Repair attempts are estimated to not exceed $150 if possible.

Phones, Tablets, and more

LCD replacement | Starting at $65 and upward depending on phone model

Battery replacement

Charging port replacement

Bluetooth speakers







This is gonna be a long section.....let's just say, if it's electronic, we can fix it!